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*Driftwood Blackstone Porter*


*Driftwood Blackstone Porter*

English Porter

473 mL

Origin: Victoria, BC

Style: English Porter

Hops: Summit

Malt: Pale, Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Black


In the summer of 2008, two friends got themselves the right place to brew some beer and by October they had put their first keg into a local pub. By the early part of 2010, Driftwood beer had become popular on the mainland of Vancouver, and the ball really got rolling. Over the next ten years, Driftwood moved from the small operation with a handful of full-time staff, to the big time. A full-blown brewery is built and then the bar and patio. Now you can visit Driftwood, sit yourself down on a stool, and order one of their great beers direct from the taps. The best of success stories are the ones that slake the thirst of all around. The Blackstone Porter is an English-style porter with chocolate and coffee flavours, great for sitting by a fire on a rainy day and keeping warm. Serves well at 10°C and can cellar for six months.


Pours nearly pitch black with an occluded body and low carbonation. A thin head of small, white bubbles clings to the top of the glass.


A combination of roasted coffee and dusty baker’s chocolate are the first aromas. There’s a smooth, lactose quality to the aroma, like cream in coffee. The hop emerges as a slightly bitter, burnt root smell.


The flavours are big on the chocolate and toasted grain, with the coffee elements in the background to provide some roasted support and acidity. As it crosses the palate you’ll catch the creaminess and flat cocoa quality. The roasted flavours intensify as the flavour ends, leaving behind a slightly burnt aftertaste and dry finish.


Pair it up with some smoked brisket and enjoy.

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