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Snake Lake & Red Hart The Great Daylight

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Snake Lake & Red Hart The Great Daylight

New England Pale Ale

473 mL
* Few left *

Origin: Sylvan Lake, AB

Style: New England Pale Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Time on the oil rig gave a handful of friends the idea that maybe brewing tasty beer was preferable to standing out in the -40°C weather all winter long. So in 2017 they quit the oil patch and kicked their dreams into gear. It took about half a year to transform an old auto parts store into a craft brewing factory capable of putting out what they’d dreamed up, but with the help of a talented brewer and hard work, they made a go of it. Now they’ve got a handy little taproom in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, open seven days a week and serving up a dozen tasty brews on their taps. The Great Daylight Spectrum Pale Ale is a Collaboration between The Snake Lake Brewing Company and Red Hart Brewing outside of Red Deer. Big tropical fruit aromas thanks to a dry-hopped Red Shed Amber Malt. Serves well at 9°C and should be enjoyed right away.


Pours a hazy honey colour with low carbonation. A frizzy head of small, off-white bubbles rests on the top of the glass.


A combination of sweet, muddled tropical fruit and freshly cut grass, with herbal overtones from the hops.


The flavour follows the nose pretty closely, there’s a nicely balanced sweetness from the tropical fruit that leans on a mango flavour, and the hops are easy on the palate with their cut leaf. The two work well to deliver a pleasant and slightly hoppy pale ale with smooth mouthfeel and a pleasant finish.


A cajun chicken sandwich with a slice of cheddar melted on it and sweet potato fries would be a great pairing.

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