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Boombox Midnight Train


Boombox Midnight Train

Milk Chocolate Coconut Stout

473 mL

Origin: Vancouver, BC

Style: Milk Chocolate Coconut Stout

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Born as an idea and fostered by another brewing crew, Boombox Brewing is an experiment in sours and IPAs working with the help of the more established Parallel 49 Brewing crew in Vancouver, British Columbia. Boombox is a new concern, committed to producing locally sourced sour and IPA recipes that rely on the West Coast trends in American variations of the older styles. The quality of Boombox’s ideas and their partnership with P49 for brewing space is showing impressive results that speak well for Boombox to open its own facility in 2021. The Midnight Train is an Imperial Stout made with coconut, espresso, and milk chocolate. With the smooth body characteristics of a stout but the pleasing flavours of coffee and chocolate, this is more a dessert than a beer. Serves well at 10°C and can cellar for up to nine months.


Pours completely black and opaque with very low carbonation. Next to no head forms during the pour, only giving up a small ring of off-white bubbles.


The espresso is strong on the nose, almost overpowering everything else. Behind it you can smell the coconut and smooth, creamy lactose. The hops are there but nearly buried by the rest of it.


The combination of coconut and coffee will be first and foremost on your palate. Underneath those flavours you’ll find more of the milk chocolate and some of the hops edging their way in, but the coconut especially will stay with you through the whole tasting experience. The mouthfeel is smooth and the flavour plays on for a while, slowly fading to a dry coconut taste.


Coffee cake or a peanut butter cookie would be about right. Just don’t dunk it.

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