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Good Robot Tropical Storm El Dorado


Good Robot Tropical Storm El Dorado

New England IPA

473 mL

Origin: Halifax, NS

Style: New England IPA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


It’s important to know there’s a Good Robot out there. This one has a small tap room in north end Halifax, Nova Scotia, and serves up microbrewed beer that defies categorization. Self-proclaimed as the micro-brewery that eschews styles, Good Robot Brewing Co. is staffed by a collection of beer lovers and weirdos aiming to produce not-so-much craft beer, but quaffables borne on the wild crest of fate. They grab what’s in season and make an IPA and Saison or gather the neighborhood garage brewers and have a lager tasting event. They’ve begun throwing some of their creations into cans, meaning it may well drift across the west and become available in your home town. But if it doesn’t, Good Robot is open 7 days a week and has partnered with a list of local eateries the length of your arm to bring their creations across the nation. The El Dorado is a New England-style IPA with razor sharp hop character and juicy citrus notes. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed promptly.


Pours a light golden colour with a slightly hazy body and low carbonation. Only a thin ring of bubbles forms at the top of the glass.


Powerful but muddled tropical fruit aroma on the top of this beer, it leans toward a mango and pineapple tone but melts together. You can get a touch of pine resin from the hops.


The tropical fruit actually gets slightly more muddled on the palate. It’s slightly sweet and rich tasting, but difficult to pull apart any specific fruits. The taste comes and goes FAST, so let it rest on your tongue to really dig into it. The slightly piney hops are milder in flavour than aroma. Finishes off a bit dry and leaves some herbal bitterness on the palate.


A solid IPA that will pair well with anything that’s got some spicy kick. Curry shrimp anyone?

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