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Barrier Schwarzbier


473 mL
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Origin: Oceanside, CA

Style: Schwarzbier

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Barrier Brewing Co. got started in 2010, craft brewing their creations along the Mill River, north of Long Beach, NY. Barrier is committed to exploring the far reaches of what craft beer can do, but also keeping it traditional and accessible to the neighbourhood. Partnered with the 3rd Rail kitchen, their tap room serves up dozens of their craft brews, filling up the bellies of their people with great beer and tasty meals. And this home-style attitude is what Barrier Brewing strives to provide, even if you’re cracking a can of their beer 2000 miles away. The Schwarzbier is part of Barrier’s “Ze German” series. A clean, crisp, classic German-style dark lager loaded up with flavours of bitter chocolate, mild coffee, and with a slight toasty finish. Serves well at 8°C or you can let it warm to 10°C for some developed flavours. And you can cellar it for up to a year.


Pours a black, opaque body with low carbonation. A frothy layer of bubbles forms a head from the pour.


Strong aroma of the malts really drowns out anything else. A touch of the minerality peeps out in the background, but very little else.


Crisp like a blade, this has an interesting combination of light body and strong roasted flavours. There’s a touch of the dusty chocolate advertised by the brewer, but mostly you’re going to taste the malt crashing around your palate, and afterward a touch of slightly bizarre saltiness. The flavour is fast and fades off to a slightly dry finish that leaves behind the salty taste. An interesting take on the Schwarzbier.


Something meaty and grilled with a sweeter sauce would offset the salty flavour of this beer. Or some tasty bratwurst on a roll.

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