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Barrier Nitro Milk Stout

Milk Stout

473 mL
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Origin: Oceanside, CA

Style: Milk Stout

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Barrier Brewing Co. got started in 2010, craft brewing their creations along the Mill River, north of Long Beach, NY. Barrier is committed to exploring the far reaches of what craft beer can do, but also keeping it traditional and accessible to the neighbourhood. Partnered with the 3rd Rail kitchen, their tap room serves up dozens of their craft brews, filling up the bellies of their people with great beer and tasty meals. And this home-style attitude is what Barrier Brewing strives to provide, even if you’re cracking a can of their beer 2000 miles away. The Nitro Milk Stout is built using lactose - milk sugars - for a sweet taste and smooth mouthfeel. Sporting notes of chocolate and coffee with a roasted malt finish. This is a beer for those who crave the dark character but also want a smooth ride. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to a year.


Pours the colour of printer’s ink, completely opaque and low carbonation. A generous head of fine bubbles rests on top after the pour, slowly receding.


Incredibly subtle aroma off this beer. Most of what you’ll detect is the toasted grain malt but a little bump of phenols lending to some smoky and boozy notes.


The mild aroma is followed up by a mild flavour to boot. Smooth and slightly sweet, this is a stout with a very laid back demeanor. Easy drinking for sure, but there’s not a lot of meat to dig into in this beer. But it’s a pleasant drink and has a touch of roasted coffee notes to it and a creamy mouthfeel. Slightly dry and mineral-laden finish.


This would be a good dessert beer, try it with some coffee cake.

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