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Tofino Coffee Porter

Coffee Porter

473 mL

Origin: Tofino, BC

Style: Coffee Porter

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Tofino Brewing is a small brewer with a big heart. Built on the principle of being a contribution to the community of Tofino, this brewing company focuses on a sustainable approach to production and reaching out to the community to find where they can fit in. Through sponsorship and direct action Tofino Brewing has helped rebuild the western wild salmon watersheds, expand the town’s animal care facilities and maintain the beaches alongside their fellow surfers. Brewing a dozen different beers year-round, Tofino Brewing spans the styles, producing IPAs, Session ales, Lager, Sours and Porters. No beer style is outside their wheelhouse, because their mission is all about quality and accessibility — their beer is for all tastes. The Dawn Patrol is a coffee porter, featuring big and unique flavour. Using locally roasted coffee and bourbon soaked vanilla beans, they’ve created a coffee porter that’s more than just some beans translated to a brew. Serves well at 10°C and can cellar for half a year.


Pours darker than the thoughts a grad student has before their thesis defense. A thin layer of caramel tint white foam rests on top.


The roasted coffee is first and foremost, smelling rich and mouth watering like the best medium roast cup of wakey juice. Some dusty baker’s chocolate notes with sweet cocoa, vanilla beans, earthy and leafy hop, and a rich boozy snap of bourbon on the edge.


Rich and powerful roasted coffee flavour is well paired with the sweet vanilla bean flavour and the sharp undertone of the bourbon. The best of both worlds — a cup of fortified coffee with the best bourbon you could add combined with the earthy hops to provide the bitter, leafy flavour of the most interesting coffee. Each works to balance the beer for a great experience of beer and coffee separate but working together.


This is a dessert beer if ever there were one. Get a slice of pound cake and a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream for some resonance.

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