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Bronx Jingle Jangle

Holiday Ale

473 mL
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Origin: Bronx, NY

Style: Holiday Ale

Hops: Sterling, Tettnanger

Malt: Copper Carapils, Midnight Wheat, Extra Pale


The Bronx Brewery is a community driven craft beer project. Their success is tied in their minds and in the wallets with the people of the Bronx and the broader city folk who make a point of seeking out their unique take on beer. TBB makes a point of sponsoring local music and art events to give back to the community as they make their name - expecting an honest exchange and lively collaboration with the people standing at their bar. Since their inception, The Bronx Brewery has put out more than 200 beers, primarily as seasonal or event driven, and crossed every genre or style imaginable. If you’re in the New York area, get yourself down to the South Bronx and partake of one of their creations. The Jingle Jangle is a holiday ale tasting of cinnamon, nutmeg, and all the warmth that makes the yuletide a fun-time for all. Serves well at 8°C and you should drink it up while the holidays are still near.


Pours dark, close to pitch black and completely opaque, with mild carbonation. A small head of off-white foamy suds remains on top.


You can detect the nutmeg and cinnamon boasted by the brewer, but it’s quite mild. There’s a backbone of gentle, sweet malt with a bit of toasted bread.


A bit of an oddity. You’ll definitely taste the holiday angle of the spices involved, but they’re fairly mild. There’s a nuttiness these spices give the flavour, but overall it’s quite mild. A slightly sweet, roasted malt flavour and a touch of leafy hops join the nutmeg and very, very mild cinnamon. This will remind you of a simple dark ale with hints of a stout running around the backyard. Easy drinking and smooth mouthfeel.


Almost anything you’d throw together with a dark ale will do - if you’re at a Christmas party, some charcuterie with mild cheese would be a nice choice.

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