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Modist Teal Label

WestCoast IPA

473 mL

Origin: Minneapolis, MN

Style: WestCoast IPA

Hops: Columbus Cryo, Simcoe, Strata, Citra

Malt: Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt


Modist Brewing is an operation that respects where traditional brewing has brought us, but is ready to kick down the walls and sail toward creative expression and experimentation. Modist’s brewmaster, Keigan, develops their beers from flavours and experiences he wants their community to enjoy and then finds the right craft beer platform to deliver it. To better enable this exploration of craft beer, Modist is a custom built brewhouse, using equipment that allows their brewing to precisely control their ingredient use and the amount of energy required to brew. The result is an array of fantastical beers that embody the spirit of craft brewing: the expression of singular genius using hops, malt, and water. The Teal Label is a West Coast-style IPA, focusing on bold hop flavour and stronger bitterness that balances with citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed right away.


Pours a pale golden colour with a clear body and light carbonation. A layer of bubbly foam pours from the can but quickly dissipates.


Aromas of tropical fruit - especially mangos - slightly funky yeast, some citrus zest, and floral hops.


The fruit takes a back seat to the hops on the palate. The blend of hops delivers a floral, herbal combination with some sweetness when it warms up. Behind that is the mango and citrus fruit flavours, peeking out once the hops are done. The taste evolves toward a piney, earthy taste and chops off quickly. All that’s left is a dry mouthfeel and strong bitterness.


Pair this up with a sweet chili shrimp stir fry over rice.

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