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Pocock Brewing Company is a family run craft-beer brewery in Santa Clarita, California. Started in 2013, Pocock has seen a slow but steady rise in popularity, eventually breaking out of the local scene and making itself known on the national craft level. With over 30 beers available from Pocock - some seasonally available and some full-timers - nearly every style is covered. But where they cover a style, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a standard issue beer. Their selection includes banana cream pie beers, razor-sharp IPAs, Milk stouts, and fruit-infused ales. Their taproom is available to pull a fresh pint for your sampling, and most of their beers are available as a six to take home. The First 13 is an American-style pale ale with a twist. Pocock added local wildflower honey into the brewing, adding sweetness and enhancing the floral qualities of the Cascade hops. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed promptly.

How it looks

Pours with a classic lager body colour but tinted toward an orange hue. Low carbonation and a clear body, with a thin cap of foamy head resting on top of the glass.

How it smells

Mostly the classic aromas of the pale ale, including tropical citrus fruit and zest, leaning on a strong grapefruit aroma.

How it tastes

The generic citrus and grapefruit flavours come first foremost on the palate. There’s a solid backbone of malt but the addition of the honey gives it a sweeter and steadier floor for everything to dance on. The more floral elements of the hops are slightly overpowered by the sweetness and fruit, but let it linger on your tongue and you’ll discover the depths of this interesting combination.

Recommended food pairing

Jump into a spicy shrimp gumbo to complement the sweet and hoppy character of this beer.

Pocock First 13

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