Evil Twin Wooster Street Apils



Evil Twin Wooster Street Apils

Italian-Style Pilsner

473 mL
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Origin: North Haven, CT

Style: Italian-Style Pilsner

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Evil Twin is not a particular brewery, but a set of ideas that works from five different locations across the globe. Founded by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø in 2010, the company itself has been a nomad, moving where the winds of beer take them. After a few years of tumble-weed living, Jeppe moved his family to New York City permanently, and Evil Twin NYC began. Evil Twin is still dedicated to collaboration with brewers across the globe, and gives many nomadic craft brewers a home base when a project needs to be put on its feet. Now the experimentation with recipes and brewing techniques has gone to a whole new level. It also means that getting your hands on Evil Twin beer is a lot easier. Dozens of styles and flavours are available year-round. The Wooster Street Apils is an Italian-style Pilsner, closely resembling the German version but lighter in body and often dry-hopped for more dynamic flavour. This beer serves well at 6°C and can cellar up to six months.


Pours a light gold colour with a clear body and light carbonation. A thin ring of white foam around the glass forms from the pour.


A light, sweet aroma almost like corn-mash will hit your nose on this beer. It comes off as one clear note with a slightly perfumed top end.


This may sound negative but we promise it isn’t - this beer tastes like perfume. It has a strong floral characteristic and the whole flavour is integrated as one sensation. The aftertaste takes a turn for the bitter, but otherwise this is a sweet, flowery beer with light, smooth body and gentle finish. A perfect beer for deep contemplation.


Don’t pair this up, just let it sink in.

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