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The Brothers Stell are the two minds behind Dark Woods Brewing. Fixing up an old pickup truck put the two brothers together for many cans, and they realized it was even more fun having the beer than it was fixing the truck. It was an easy move to walk away from the blue-collar life and make beer, but the work is equally demanding if more delicious. Building from the early garage beers they built a slate with nine beers that run the gamut. Their only mission is to make something they would enjoy sitting down and quaffing, and by all indications this is a high bar to clear. The Tree Top Citrus Ale is a blonde ale with a citrus kick that’s been purpose-built for summer days on the patio or working in your backyard. Serves well between 6°C - 8°C and can hang out in the beer fridge for six months before getting cracked open.

How it looks

Pours a pale yellow verging on colourless with a fairly clear body and light carbonation. A thin ring of bubbles around the glass is all the head you’ll get.

How it smells

A lot of citrus flesh in the aroma with a backing edge of zest. A light touch of grainy malt and slight floral aroma, but it’s all very subtle.

How it tastes

The citrus is sweeter than you might expect and borders on a vinous quality, like some white wine snuck into your glass when your back was turned. The hop profile is subtle as the aroma, delivering some floral qualities but it’s way in the background. The taste is fast and finishes off slightly sweet with an astringent mouthfeel. Easy drinking and good for a hot day, but a touch of stealth in the flavours.

Recommended food pairing

Good with any pub food but would match up well with a grilled chicken sandwich and salad.

Dark Woods Tree Top

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