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Joe Lemnah spent six years brewing for others, more than 200 different styles and 10,000 hours with his mind on beer. And then he knew it was time to start his own brewery. A few years of hard planning and running around the pylons of bureaucracy resulted in the doors of Burlington Beer Co. opening its doors. A brewery that roots style in the traditions of old brewing, but willing to push that history into the next era of craft brewing. To experiment with what can be while respecting what has been - a balance that has produced a local favourite whose name has reached up from the streets of Burlington, Vermont. Four flagship beers, dozens of pale ales, special release porters and stouts, and vintage barrel-aged - a slate of beers that will impress any style of beer drinker. It IS complicated being a Wizard, but fortunately there’s a beer like this to ease the way. Powerful fruit and sticky, drank hops that evolve on the palate for dynamic floral and herbal flavour. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed right away.

How it looks

Pours a pale yellow colour with cloudy body and medium carbonation. A thin cap of small bubbles with no lacing pours from the can.

How it smells

An aroma of sweet and sharp citrus leaning toward blood orange, a touch of warm caramel, and a resinous pine hop profile that smells like a forest floor.

How it tastes

The often cited muddled tropical fruit taste is present at the start of the tasting - you can pick out a touch of citrus and pineapple, but some of it is vague. As it warms on the palate the strong pine hops evolve, opening up and revealing more floral and earthy components. The whole taste runs down the middle of the road, without getting crazy, ending on a slightly sweet citrus kiss.

Recommended food pairing

Classic pale ale character demands some spicy food to cut the hops, but this is a slightly sweet beer, so dig into earthier spices to complement.

Burlington It's Complicated Being A Wizard

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