Analog It Always Starts In A Tavern

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Analog It Always Starts In A Tavern

Amber Ale

473 mL
* Few left *

Origin: Edmonton, AB

Style: Amber Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Born from a friendship between two nerds who started out on pixels but eventually made their way to beers. Analog Brewing began the adventure in 2018, opening up into the fierce competitive landscape of Calgary’s craft brewing scene. Nearly five years later, they’re still putting craft beers out the door, where many are no longer holding their sword and shield aloft. But while there is adventure in a roll of the dice, this crew doesn’t leave their beer making to the fates - Analog puts their back into it. Seven regular beers have their character sheets ready any time the game is about to start, with a few drop in characters available around the year. Their slate runs the gamut on beers including IPA, Porter, Cream Ale, and Amber ale. It Always Starts In A Tavern is inspired by how many a Dungeons and Dragons adventure gets on its feet, and it's meant to be a nice, reliable beer in the spirit of getting the game moving. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.


Pours a dark, amber to brown colour with a murky body and low carbonation. A thick head of dense, pillowy foam pours from the can and hangs out for the adventure.


A strong nose of warm malt with toasted biscuits and whole wheat bread, along with caramel and nuttiness. Some freshly turned loamy earth and spicy, leathery notes.


Warm and smooth right from the first sip - the malt is even-keeled and holds the flavour down, letting the caramel and nuttiness play with leather and tobacco notes, some dried fruit flavour as it warms up, and long smooth ride to a dry finish. The mouthfeel across the whole tasting experience is full and silky. A filling, delicious beer that’s perfect for sitting by the fire of the tavern.


Perfect for roasting a suckling pig above a roaring fire. But that might be over the top, so this would also go well with roast potatoes and grilled peppers.

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