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A-FRAME brewing is a family oriented operation, lifted off the ground by the hardwork of Jeff Oldenborger and Caylin Glazier. Building their brewpub on the lakeside in Squamish, the pair brought in a handy crew and began making beer in the classic west-coast way: from the land and for the people on that land. A-FRAME is all about respecting their place in the world, and using the bounty of it as well. Putting that quality and unique character into their beers and the work they do. They’ve got a limited slate of beers available, only three right now, but they’re always experimenting and putting out seasonal offerings. One of those recently minted beers is the Anchor Lake Lager - built on the backbone of a California Common, a style popular in the 19th century that relies on a more sensitive strain of yeast, that produces a malty and fruity beer. Serves well at 8°C and A-FRAME recommends enjoying it right away.

How it looks

Pours a deep, amber colour with a fairly clear body and low carbonation. A thin layer of tiny bubbles forms the cap on top.

How it smells

Fresh green leaves just cut from the plant, a slightly sweet lemon aroma, and freshly baked bread. A little bit of swirling and you’ll catch a sweeter, almost candy-floss aroma.

How it tastes

A warm combination of sweet malt and fresh flowers off the bat, but the flavour shifts gears pretty quickly into a classic lager space. The sweetness drops off and the grain qualities of the malt step up, combining with the hops to form a combination of toasted grains and herbal hops, right down the middle of the plate. That fades off to a slightly green, leafy aftertaste and dry finish.

Recommended food pairing

Good to go with anything from the sea that you’ve grilled and served with fresh salad greens.

A-FRAME Anchor Lake

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