Beaver River Midnight Beaver


Beaver River Midnight Beaver

Munich Dunkel

473 mL

Origin: Bonnyville, AB

Style: Munich Dunkel

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Beaver River Brew Co. is a locally owned craft brewer in Bonnyville, Alberta. The goal of Beaver River is to create a unique craft product that puts small town Alberta on the map. In their view, craft beer is a lifestyle and they’ve got a unique take on it in the North. Their beers are designed to be enjoyed in the sunshine, while doing the finer things in life - golfing, camping, skiing, or just enjoying the rays on a patio. Just under a dozen beers grace the slate of Beaver River’s brewing facility, covering the classic styles from New England IPA, European Pilsner, American Porter, and Munich Dunkel. A few interesting experiments have slid through at the same time. For a small town brew setup, their beers are big on flavour and their reputation is beginning to spread. The Midnight Beaver is a Munich-style Dunkel - many of the characteristics of a darker beer, but with a lighter body and crisp, dry delivery. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar up to six months.


Pours a dark amber colour leaning into a brown ale look. Slightly murky body and medium carbonation. A thick, pillowy foam pours from the can and slowly recedes.


A strong malt of toasted biscuit and roasted grain up front, close to a toasted rye bread aroma. There’s hops in the background but they get lost in the malt aroma.


Quite a subtle flavour when compared to the nose. The grain malt is much more laid back in the flavour, letting medium roast coffee bean come to the front. But all these flavours are quite fleeting, and what’s left behind is a slightly mineral and salty slate flavour, and an astringent finish in the mouth. Reminiscent of a stout but with lighter taste and speedier flavour delivery.


Something with some lasting, savoury flavour. BBQ pulled pork sandwich would be heaven.

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