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It began as a few friends thinking hard about brewing their own beer after leaving a few empty cans in the garage. And once the ball was rolling they jumped on and kept their feet moving. Upstreet Brewing kicked off their initial brewing in 2015 and poured cans into local pints as quick as they could. Within a year they’d started their charity, with proceeds from their Do Good-er pale ale going to their local community. Silver and Gold medals for their beers that year. But the time 2017 came around, they were a local phenomenon, helping out the community and pouring pints. The dream can come true. The Third Place is an Imperial IPA, meaning a high hop character with fresh flavour. And it does deliver on that promise. The flavour is clean and bright, and the taste is one perfect for leaning back and letting the sun fall on your face on a warm summer’s day. Serves well at 8°C and should be cracked open right away.

How it looks

Pours a golden colour with mostly clear body and low carbonation. A thin layer of small bubbles forms the head on top.

How it smells

At first blush it’s a mixture of mangos and funky yeast. The malt is hard to pull out and when you do it’s just a lightly toasted grain.

How it tastes

Much fruitier on the palate than the nose would suggest, and the fruit picks up some of the tropical flavours that weren’t in the nose. It’s slightly sweet and lively, and mixes with the hops for a clean flavour. The herbal and green aspect of the hops is a little underwhelming though, as it falls a touch flat compared to the bright fruits. Mostly leafy and a touch of earth. A clean, bright IPA all around that is crisp and refreshing, with a slightly dry finish.

Recommended food pairing

Classic IPA leaning on the fruitier notes - dig into a spicy Italian sausage on a kaiser roll smothered in red sauce.

Upstreet Third Place

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