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Inner City On the Stoop

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Inner City On the Stoop

Munich Dunkel Lager

473 mL
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Origin: Calgary, AB

Style: Munich Dunkel Lager

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Munich


Brewing from the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Inner City Brewing produces a handful of craft beers. The Beltline is elevated by a small team dedicated to sustainable brewing focused on the thirsty passions of their customers. Just over five years of operating has seen Inner City claw through tough times and a saturated brewing market towards success. All styles are in their crosshairs, but so far they’re biggest brews have been based on classics - IPA and Lager. But the time is ripe for expansion on the chalkboard. Inner City has now released On The Stoop - a Munich Dunkel-Style beer. On The Stoop is rich and smooth, but not cloying or syrupy. Munich Dunkels rely on large amounts of Munich malts to create the full-body and lean toward a bready, nutty flavour with very little hops on the palate. The Stoop is well-served at 10°C and can cellar for up to a year.


Comes out of the can with aggressive carbonation and frothy foam. Once in the glass you’re getting a deep tawny amber colour with a lightly occluded body. The foam eventually calms down to a bubbly remnant.


Strong and funky malt aroma at the front of this beer. It’s slightly sweet, but comes across as old leather that’s a touch moist. Dark-roast coffee beans, a hot rubber aroma, and pulverizes walnuts.


There’s malt all over this one and it will dominate your palate. It’s sweet and warm, with elements of toasted bread, ground dark-roast coffee, almonds and walnuts crushed up together, caramel, candy floss, and a little touch of butter. It comes across the palate like a punch to the face - all at once and with little time to process - and then it’s gone. So take your time and sip at this one to enjoy all the elements hiding behind the big malt.


Cut through the malt and sweet with some grilled hot italian sausage, fried onions and potatoes.

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