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Foxtail Next Chapter

American IPA

473 mL

Origin: Edmonton, AB

Style: American IPA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


The clever fox stalks across the moonlight, lithe and fast it avoids the predators who claw at it. The trickster moves with grace and light, and only when the moment is arrived will it give its wisdom to the humble. In Edmonton, Alberta you can find the trickster - small, fast, and hard to see in the midnight gloom, its bounty is four treasures of craft brewing. Foxtail Brewing is the small, clever predator moving in the ocean of night. You have to be quick to capture it. A simple menu of beers, but this is a group more interested in getting it right, than in the vain-glory of a large number of styles. But they’re growing in cunning and started on a more ambitious note. The Next Chapter IPA signals the movement into a more sophisticated brewing game. Big things are coming from the small brewery in Edmonton. The Next Chapter IPA is a shift in the typical experiments so far - doubled dry-hopping to ramp up the explosive hop profile. Big bursts of fruit flavour in the form of grapefruit and citrus. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed fresh.


Pours a nearly clear straw colour with clear body and medium carbonation. A sticky ring of bubbly head around the top never quite makes it to a full head.


A low-level aroma of dry grain malt is mixed up with a subtle aroma of grapefruit and the more commanding aroma of citrus flesh and zest.


A slightly sweet malt and citrus hit is the first moment but it’s quickly washed away with the bigger flavour of hops and grapefruit. The hops are fresh, piney and deep in their flavour, and the grapefruit can only throw a little bit of flavour through. The hops evolve into a more flowery flavour and fades off leaving behind the sharp aftertaste of citrus zest, with a dry mouthfeel.


A bitter IPA with high-alcohol demands some spice and substance. Grilled cajun chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries.

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