42 North Wallonia

Wheat Beer

473 mL
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Origin: East Aurora, NY

Style: Wheat Beer

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


42 North Brewing was started by an intrepid group of craft beer enthusiasts who connected with the rich history of New York State and the bounty of American hops that grew along the 42 parallel. That history includes Spanish royalty negotiating with the fledgling United States, and territorial skirmishes with Canada. It also includes some of the first hop-growing in the U.S., including the disease-resistant and well-known variety: Cascade hops. All these pieces of history are part of the gravity that 42 North puts into their brewing. In their 8 years brewing craft beer they’ve managed to put out more than 220 beers, and have begun to spread their wings across North America. The Wallonia Pineapple Wit is a wheat-beer with a big infusion of pineapple. All the texture and flavour of a Belgian-style wheat beer with a refreshing summer kick. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.


Pours a pale yellow-straw colour with a slightly hazy body and light carbonation. Only a small ring of bubbles around the glass suggests a head.


The two aromas that are most prominent - the toasted grain sharpness of the wheat beer base and the sweet high notes of pineapple - never really mix together. They’re completely distinct, which is a little strange.


The combination is a slightly odd one - wheat and pineapple. But they do a solid job of balancing each other out. The wheat beer heritage is all over the taste, almost chewy in character and earthy in flavour. The pineapple is sweet and brings up the flat malt, but it never really reaches the level of a mouthful of pineapple. Smooth, tasty, and straightforward grain and fruit flavour last quite a while before fading off.


This is a juicy wheat beer, which is an odd combination. Get into some slow-cooked pulled-pork sandwiches to deliver some savoury to match the sweet and zesty.

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