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Île Sauvage Raspberry


Île Sauvage Raspberry

Fruited Sour

473 mL
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Origin: Victoria, BC

Style: Fruited Sour

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


On the western frontier you will find Île Sauvage brewing scouring for the wild and funky yeasts of the land. In French, the name means “Wild Island” and this concept is embraced wholeheartedly by these brewing devotees. Capturing the wildness of Vancouver is part of that idea, but also the wildness of natural brewing yeasts, their flavour and production. Their brewing uses stainless steel and oak-aging, the old and the new mashed together - the spirit of the wild made manifest. The result is beer with unpredictable flavour profiles, each one a unique adventure when the cap is cracked off. Their tap-room features a rich array of their work, with 18 beers available to be put on the lumber alongside their line-up of righteous snacks. A good stop away from the normal drudgery. The Raspberry Sour is a killer ride on the palate, with fruity sharpness and sour funk to turn your face inside out. Serves well at 10°C and can stay in the beer storage for up to a year.


There’s no secret here - it was made with raspberries. Light pink pour with a murky body and light carbonation. A small, bubbly head of pink tinted foam.


The aroma of this beer is totally dominated by raspberries - ripe and plump berries that have been mashed and released all their juice and aroma.


An awesome combination of raspberry ale and sizzling yeast that snaps the tongue awake. The flavour is mostly about the raspberries, but the yeast gets the taste buds active and really gets your palate digging down into the beer. There’s more than just the sweet berry to be found - all the subtle parts of the fruit, sweet and bitter alike, come alive in this beer.


Grilled meats would off-set the strong berry flavour here - avoid sweetness, as the double up will be cloying.

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