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Propeller Tropic Haze

Summer Ale

473 mL
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Origin: Halifax, NS

Style: Summer Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


It takes a keen mind and the soul of a poet to look at a career requiring dedication, long-hours of learning and practical experience - and a union card to boot - and to cast it all on a roll of the craft beer dice. A man named John Allen was successful in the film industry, but his heart wasn’t in it. The call of the wild geese could be heard overhead and they honked about hops, malt, and crisp beer flowing into glass pints. In 1997, John finally decided to heed the call and open up Propeller Brewing Company. Success was hard won and John opened up a second brewing location in 2013, followed by the addition of his son Mike to the business two years later. In the 20 years that PBC has been satisfying the beer drinkers of the East they’ve managed to put out over 150 variations of craft beer. One of them is the best-selling craft IPA in Atlantic Canada. The Tropic Haze is a golden ale infused with fruity qualities - meaning its crisp and refreshing, with perfect flavour notes for a long day of patio work. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to a year.


Pours a light golden colour with a relatively clear body and light carbonation. A sticky ring of bone-white foam from the pour clings to the glass.


Bright and fruity from the get go - the tropical fruit is ripe and packing big aroma. Underneath that sweet nectre is a touch of hops that leans towards flowers and leaves.


A big shift from the story the aroma was telling. The flavour is far more subtle and it leans toward a flinty taste up front. The fruit is tamped down and you’re left with a touch of sweetness combined with the cut of citrus zest. The hops are here and gone in a flash - more earthy and tasting of roots than flowers, it hits and then becomes just a slight taste of bitter leaves left behind. The whole taste is like lightning, so let it rest in the mouth a little bit.


This is a funky ale, so mix it up funky - get some Jamaican beef patties that are piping hot and give your tongue a workout.

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