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Sun King Pachanga

Mexican-Style Lager

473 mL
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Origin: Indianapolis, IN

Style: Mexican-Style Lager

Hops: Bravo

Malt: Pilsner, Six-Row


Dave Colt and Clay Robinson knew one end of the pint glass from the other. Working the bar and brewing side of things, they’d gone through college working intimately with the brew. After college they’d ended up working a brewing line for a brew-pub and learned the art of cranking out beer at an alarming rate. It was during this time that Sun King began to shape itself in their collaborative mind. A few years of that and it was time to cash in savings, birthday money, old comic books, and get down to the serious business of making a craft brewery stand on its own two feet. It was the summer of 2009 when the first kegs rolled out of the brewing plant and onto trucks - Sun King Brewery had arrived. Now, more than ten years down the road, they’ve created hundreds of beers, and keep a sharp line-up on the slate. The Pachanga is a Mexican-style lager with sharp, refreshing flavour and soothing character. A perfect beer for a long day of sitting in the sun, floating on whatever keeps you relaxed. Serves well at 6°C and can cellar for half a year.


Pours a light, golden colour with a clear body and light carbonation. Only a bubbly ring of foam around the top of the beer ever shows up.


A kind of dusty grain aroma forms the foundation, then a note of sweet malt that turns into a sweet cereal smell. With a little bit of warm up there’s a flowery aroma reminiscent of rose petals.


This is an extremely laid back beer. Perfect for eating a variety of buffet dishes next to the pool or on a patio. Thirst quenching sharpness and a touch of sweet malt that tastes almost like corn mash. Smooth mouthfeel mixes with a soft, buttery quality that lasts as the taste fades away, giving it all a pleasant finish.


This is a pretty subtle beer, so something tangy, fresh, zesty, and BIG in flavour - like bruschetta or fresh guacamole. Served on fresh, toasted bread.

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