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Steel & Oak Simple Things


Steel & Oak Simple Things


473 mL
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Origin: New Westminster, BC

Style: Pilsner

Hops: Noble

Malt: Weyermann Barke Pilsner


It’s been just over seven years that the British Columbia beer scene has been touched by the craft of Steel & Oak. S&O Brewing makes it their business to combine the traditions and skills of old German brewing, with the experimenting and refinement of the latest North American craft technique. This yields classic styles, using ingredients shipped from across the Atlantic, with delivery graced by innovation. Keep the flavour, but update the machinery. With this method, they’ve put out over 270 beers in their brief time since arriving on this plane. From the can or bottle you’ll taste it - unpasteurized, unfiltered, and hewn from the land of the West. Simple Things is a pilsner, but not your grandpa’s garage pilsner. Steel & Oak brought over Weyermann Barke pilsner malt from Germany to create an aromatic, classically styled Pilsner with unique character. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar up to a year.


Pours a darkly tinted yellow-amber colour with a hazy body and light carbonation. A bubbly, thick head out of the can that fades off during the pint.


The malt trumpeted by the brewer - honey, graham cracker, biscuit - is a part of it, but there’s a sharp, yeasty aroma that comes out alongside. A touch of vinegar and lemon.


The reverse of the aroma plays out on the palate - up front if a slightly snappy, yeast flavour that is joined quickly by the warmer, sweeter notes of the malt. Through the whole taste experience you’ll have these two joined up. It’s a nice balance of sweetness, toasted grain, and a lemon-like bite. Slow fade on the tongue leaves behind a smooth feel and slightly bitter aftertaste.


Combine the Pils’ with anything off the grill that’s got some fat and is well seasoned.

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