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Lake of the Woods Dead Man's Switch


Lake of the Woods Dead Man's Switch

New England IPA

473 mL
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Origin: Kenora, ON

Style: New England IPA

Hops: Citra, Amarillo

Malt: Undisclosed


The Lake of the Woods Brewing Company is located all around its eponymous body of water. Two breweries in Canada and one in the U.S., spanning the border, and techniques in craft, and the styles of beer produced. Originally opening its doors in 2013, Lake of the Woods had German group Kaspur Schulz (who have been constructing brew houses for over three centuries) build them a 1000 litre copper kettle brew system, resulting in beer not only conceived in old-world style, but made the same way. The Winnipeg and Minnesota locations make up for a lack of old-world kitsch by being 21st century brewing systems that blow the doors off brewery tours. The Dead Man’s Switch is an New England IPA, sporting a flavour that evolves on the palate thanks to a strong and paired up hope profile. Serves well at 8°C and should be cracked open soon.


Pours a toasted straw colour with a slightly hazy body and medium carbonation. A thick, bubbly head with some sticky lacing.


A strong, tropical fruit aroma up front but quite muddled - no one fruit really leaps out, but pineapple appears to be the most likely. Some spicy and herbal hops, fresh and bright. A touch of dusty leather.


A slight taste of sweet tropical fruit and then a burst of hops that taste of flowers and leaves. Sizzling on the tongue with an acidic feel, and then a turn in the hops delivers a bitter, root flavour. Finishes off with a taste of tropical fruit rind and lip-smacking mouthfeel.


Strong hops that have a moving target for flavour mean something spicy with its own flair - Chicken Pad Thai.

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