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Annex Idle Hands


473 mL
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Origin: Calgary, AB

Style: Pilsner

Hops: Cascade, Galena, Mosaic, and Saaz

Malt: Undisclosed


Annex Ale Project may be a tiny endeavour, but they’ve got a big project on their minds. Being leaders in the craft brewing community and working each day to make themselves and those around them better. Sometimes that’s through better brewing practices and sometimes that’s about inspiring, supporting, and connecting with the people of their community. Shared social experiences and shared space for beer lovers and would-be beer drinkers. Annex has four core beers they’ve built over the past three years, but also cranks out some seasonal and collaboration offerings from time to time. Their taproom in south Calgary is a cozy spot to get one of their beers off the tap or you can grab a six to take home. Idle Hands is an Italian pilsner that uses European sourced hops two ways to give this beer a distinct flavour that evolves on the palate. Serves well at 6°C and should be enjoyed fairly soon.


Pours a pale straw colour with a clear body and medium carbonation. A bubbly, sticky white head clings to the top of the glass and sticks around.


The bright tropical fruit aroma characteristic of dry-hopped beers fills the nose, but way in the back you can pick up the leafy, flowery elements that signal a more nuanced hop profile.


First blush is a flowery hit of hops but it quickly shifts gears to bring the malt qualities into play and open up the hop profile for a more dynamic taste experience. The malt is slightly sweet and grainy, and the hops move into a combination of fresh, green vegetation and leafy bitterness. That all lands and then quickly moves on, as the beer finishes into a slightly dry mouthfeel and slightly herbal “green tea” aftertaste.


This beer leans into the fruit, so something savoury and salty will complement it well - time to break out the charcuterie board and let the beer take the place of the fruit.

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