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Mason Pimm and Ryan Stang have built a craft brewery with their skills and by harnessing the best of their backgrounds. Mason brings the keen eye and accuracy of a mechanical engineer, and Ryan the imagination of a designer and years of underground brewing. Ale Architect collaborates right now with bigger brewing concerns in Alberta, experimenting and moving into the craft spaces that larger operations aren’t prepared to enter. This means they can deliver beers with the weird and wild built right in, but also leverage the collective experience of the province. Art and Science come together to create a half-dozen beers on the slate, with a few seasonal and one-off beers floating in and out as time permits. The Colour Burst series is a double-dry hopped New England-style IPA and #3 delivers a mellow but tasty combination of melon, flowers, and herbal hop profile. Serves well at 8°C and should be cracked promptly.

How it looks

Pours an oddly flat, yellow colour with a totally occluded body and medium carbonation. A thin cap of bubbly white foam out of the can stays on top, protecting the aroma.

How it smells

A light, fruity aroma that’s hard to separate, and comes with the added bonus of a vague, confectionary’s sugar aroma. Bright, fruity, and sweet - it’s hard not to immediately take a liking to it.

How it tastes

An interesting combination of flavours shows up right from the first sip and rides the whole taste out together. It’s sweet melon juice and root flavour hops. The melon is light and fresh, and the hops do a great job of keeping it from being sugary or over-sweet. The melon brings up the hop flavour as well, teasing out a few layers of the earthy tone and hinting at flowers, herbs, and green vegetation. Excellent layering in this beer and it finishes simply.

Recommended food pairing

A combination of fruit and hop makes this a tricky pairing. Get into something savoury and hearty to complement the lighter beer.

Ale Architect Colour Burst 3

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