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Delahunt 1924 Blonde

San Clemente, CA

473 mL
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Origin: Blonde Ale

Style: San Clemente, CA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Todd Delahunt hammered wood and dry-wall together for many years, but all along the call of the hop was in his ear. One day his favourite hammer was stolen, or maybe he left it at home, and that was enough. It was time to follow his dreams and open a brewery. Joining forces with Kyle Boruff and Justin Venegas, two men with great beards (which means they can brew), and they built Delahunt from the ground up. They have 14 beers that cross all the styles and deliver on the tasty promise. And what better place to get a six of your favourites than in San Clemente, a stone’s throw from the Pacific. The 1924 Blonde is crisp and refreshing, fragrant and soothing. Light in body with sweet fruit kisses, mild flowers, and fresh-cut cedar. The perfect beer for setting up on the beach after a long day of work. Serves well at 6°C and can cellar for up to a year.


Pours a golden sunset colour, with a slightly hazy body and light carbonation. A fizzy, bubbly head out of the can sticks around for quite a while.


The aroma seems to be all malt at first blush - coming on strong with a combination of toasted grain and corn sweetness. A hint of hop creeps in from a long whiff, smelling of dried leaves, but quite faint.


For such a strong and malty smelling beer, the flavour on this one is sharp and leaning toward a bitter, grassy tone. The brewer aimed for a green tea and dried flowers taste experience, and this lands on that quite squarely. Slightly astringent and herbal, the tea aspect comes through, but the flowers are more subtle. Let it warm on the tongue a touch to get everything out of this one.


A good ol’ blonde ale is perfect for pub food: get into a cottage pie!

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