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Rebellion Hazy IPA

New England IPA

473 mL
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Style: New England IPA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


There’s one simple rule at Rebellion Brewing in Regina - brew kick-ass beer. But while they are brewing kick-ass beer, every once in a while they do a little favour for the community, like donating $10,000 to the YWCA or help get food to needy folks. Basically, they make beer and keep the streets of Regina righteous. Half a dozen brews stay on their taps year round, with a dozen seasonals floating across the slate. A six of your favourites is ready for pickup, or you can get into a growler, even a keg. They’re here to make sure you’ve got tasty beer available every day and twice on Sunday. The Hazy IPA is a classic east-coast style pale ale, with a big fruity flavour, and hoppy aroma.


Pours a pale star colour with a murky body and light carbonation. The head is frothy out of the can but quickly packs down to a tight head of bubbles.


Classic in some respects, odd in others. There is a fruity, herbal hop character that seems right in line with the IPA style, but the fruit medley that hits the nose is odd and difficult to pick apart. Once you taste it, you’ll understand.


The flavour of this beer will throw almost anyone who knows and enjoys IPAs - it lays back on the hop and bitterness, favouring a sweeter, smoother, and more floral hop presence. The fruit and floral combination may taste over-sweet for some, but make sure to enjoy it cold - the warmer it gets, the more pronounced the floral taste. The beer has a smooth mouthfeel and finishes with a floral perfume.


This is one for the record books: do not pair it with food. Drink it solo, you’ll either love this advice or hate it.

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