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Six Corners Trailhead

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Six Corners Trailhead

American IPA

355 mL
* Few left *

Origin: Okotoks, AB

Style: American IPA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Started by Luke Wooldridge after some time spent in Scotland, Six Corners Brew Works in Okotoks, Alberta, offers up nine different beers - although it's worth noting that six of them are pale ales. They really like pale ales. After a few years of success, Six Corners is now in the process of building a whole new facility in Okotoks. No taproom is available, as they focus their efforts on putting out rad beers for the thirsty Albertan and beyond. Their flagship IPA - the Trailhead IPA - is aptly named. It’s the trailhead you stand at when your journey begins, and Six Corners is looking to start your journey toward a better calibre of beer in the North and everywhere else. A strong bit of alcohol for an IPA, the Trailhead is fragrant, hoppy, and enjoys luscious fruit flavours. This beer is worth checking out, and thankfully it can stand a bit more time in the cooler than your average IPA.


Pours a golden yellow colour with a clear body and high carbonation. A thick, bubbly head of yellow-tinted foam rides on top and stays noisy the whole time.


A subtle nose for an IPA - it hides the secrets well. A muddled tropical fruit aroma, along with a slightly sharp, boozy aroma. Tough to dig out the hops, but if you breathe deep you can catch a touch of herbal and floral hop character.


A big wallop of hoppy bitterness off the bat. You have to battle slightly to get past the bitter and taste the sweeter citrus elements, along with a slightly sweet malt base. More of the flavour will emerge after the swallow, which is atypical. But none of the boozy qualities that hide in the aroma arrive on the palate. Strong, dynamic, and with some interesting interplay between the hops and malt.


Quite strong bitterness and high ABV, so get something sturdy and flavourful into your belly. We recommend curry chicken on jasmine rice (or do it veggie!)

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