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2 Crows Laurel

Farmhouse Style Saison

473 mL
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Origin: Halifax, NS

Style: Farmhouse Style Saison

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


A stone’s throw from the waterfront and the expanse of the cold Northern Atlantic, the husband and wife team of Mark and Kelly Huizink, have a craft operation aimed at the modern take on beer. 2 Crows is an open and welcoming brewery looking to connect and enrich their community. But they’ve also aimed at enriching the world with their beer. And now they’re starting to bust out of the maritime scene, crossing the nation with their brew. More than two dozen beers have graced the slate, some hanging around throughout the year and a few seasonal or special brews. 2 Crows aims for locally sourced and locally conceived beers, taking classic styles and throwing the curve of the eastern maritime onto them. They’ve also taken a shot at hard seltzer and a few wine mashups. The Laurel is a twist on the farmhouse-style Saison, darker in body, deeper in fruit flavour and spice. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to a year.


​Pours a dark amber colour with a murky body and medium carbonation. A thin layer of rose-tinted foam clings to the top with some sticky lacing.


Deep in the plum aroma and lean on the sizzling aroma from the lactobacillus used in this style. There’s a slightly sweet aroma, like confectioner’s sugar or caramel but difficult to nail down.


Taste follows the nose on this beer; the plum and bay leaf play strong and separate parts in this performance. The plum is upfront and deep, even going so far as to overpower the usual sour snap from the lactobacillus. This makes for a slightly sweeter taste on the whole that gets a hit from the bay leaf near the end - turning slightly bitter and with an astringent mouthfeel.


Pairing with Saison is always interesting, but given the strong plum flavour, we recommend a solid charcuterie board to complement.

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