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When a new or lesser known hop variety is created or found, brewers tend to introduce it in Experimental Pale Ales. The Simple Pale Ale, with its lesser, but balanced malt presence, offers up a useful canvas for hop testing. As such, a wide stylistic ‘XPA’ category can be a very fun and exciting pint, for seasoned and new craft enthusiasts alike. The 27th edition of Gigantic Brewing’s Catch 23 is the latest in an endless series of Limited Edition Experimental Ales. Using a variety of hops simply referred to as 'Hop 527', which allegedly grows so thick and aggressively that it tore off the sidearm of a collection truck! This latest edition of Catch 23 even comes with its own song pairing. Download the track, ‘Sad Mutations” from the WIBG album “How’s Your Favorite Dreamer?” from Gigantic’s website, pour yourself this beer, and sit back and enjoy at 7 C.

How it looks

A hazy gold, with a semi-thick, cream white head and high carbonation. Good lacing clings to the glass and lingers.

How it smells

This is very aromatic with huge fruity notes of ripe pineapple and mango. The most unique hint of strawberry comes through as the beer warms slightly. Added notes of pleasant grapefruit pith give a bitterness to round it all out.

How it tastes

This is all about that Hop 527! As such, hop aromas and flavours jump out of the glass and travel from the nose to the palate. Tropical fruitiness continues throughout, with plenty of mango and pineapple, chased by the most subtle, yet invigorating strawberry flavours. A lighter supporting role from bready malts take the back seat, and a very specific grapefruit citrus peel rounds it all out in the finish. An easy drinking, but complex brew with an approachable mouthfeel.

Recommended food pairing

A wide range of food pairing potential here, but roasted or grilled meats, which can be spiced heavily, mild to medium cheddars, or simply a grilled cheeseburger and fries.

Gigantic Catch 23 Experimental Pale

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