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Big Rock’s authentic Belgian style Wild Ale program was developed in Calgary, where an isolated room has been added to the brewery. Their 2,000-litre cool ship was designed to replicate the open fermentation conditions of Belgian breweries that specialize in traditional Lambic Sour beers. Brewmaster Paul Gautreau was inspired after a trip to Belgium, where he spent time at Oud Beersel, where they open the windows of their brewery by the Senne River and let the wild yeast come in. He explained "Our Calgary brewery is near barley fields, we have gardens with bees and cherry trees and the Bow River nearby. There is a lot of flora and fauna out there. Every brewery in Belgium has its own unique taste, and it’s no different here.” The Kriek is only available from Big Rock Brewery or Canada Craft Club! It has not been stabilized or pasteurized. Enjoy within the year and serve at cellar temperature, 10 C.

How it looks

This rare brew pours a bright and light red hue with a full, creamy, tight pink head.

How it smells

An abundance of Canadian grown cherries bring forward the tart fruity aromas, closely followed by some delicious barnyard funk and summer strawberry notes. You definitely pick up on the Chardonnay barrel - it ads a bit of baking spice as the beer warms in the glass.

How it tastes

It started out on the wild side, quite sour in the Lambic tradition but was later tamed with the addition of Canadian grown cherries and Belgian sugar. Light in body with a subtle CO2 tingle, it strikes the balance of pleasantly sour and satisfyingly sweet, but with a clean after-taste. Crisp and refreshing finish, reminiscent of a dry red wine like Pinot Noir. "You can never re-create what has been done in Belgium over a couple hundred years, but you can try," says Brewmaster Paul Gautreau.

Recommended food pairing

Pairs well with your favourite savoury dishes.This Lambic Style Kriek makes a satisfying charcuterie pairing, with the acidity cutting the fat. Sharp cheeses and fresh goat cheese also pair well.

Big Rock Kriek

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