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Although only established in 2012, Acoustic Ales was built on a century of brewing history. In the early 1900's, San Diego was home to flourishing breweries, which had to close in 1919 when Congress passed the 18th amendment. Today, Acoustic Ales is located in the historic Mission Brewery Plaza that originally housed Mission Brewery in 1912. Emerging from their history and finding their own path, Acoustic Ales is making a name for themselves. Founder Tommaso Maggiore, a former punk rock musician, has incorporated music into brewing. The brewery slogan, "Music in Liquid Form" perfectly describes their process. The brewmasters play all genres of music while brewing, ranging from old school reggae to heavy metal. Not only does this infuse their love of music into each batch, but it also offers musically inspired names for the beers like "Run for the Hills" and "Hit Me With Your Best Hops." Serves well at 12 C.

How it looks

Pours a crystal clear light gold, with a beautiful fluffy white head that decorates the glass with delicate light lacing.

How it smells

Lightly toasted pale malts are the first aroma we find, followed closely by sweet corn, reminiscent of a summer cookout. A nice mix of grass, honey and herbal hops mix with a delicious pear undertone to round out the bouquet on this complex combination.

How it tastes

The Hopski is one dangerously easy drinking beer. Acoustic Ales stayed true to pre-prohibition style, emulating the recipe originally brewed 100 years ago and leaving it unfiltered. Made as a traditional style Lager, it balances its flavour between lightly hopped and mildly malty. You are greeted by the earthy herbal hops that slowly give way to slightly sweet bready malt and clean lager yeast. Following the nose, there are definite hints of corn and a subtle taste of honey.

Recommended food pairing

This beer is the perfect accompaniment to a juicy burger and fries. The bready flavour of the malt complements the beef, while still being light enough to cleanse the palate in between bites.

Acoustic Ales Hopski

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