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The Sound of Craft: Beer Podcast Roundup

Rounding Up the Beer-Pod World

When you’re heading to work, vacuuming the house or just drifting off to sleep, the podcast is a proven companion. For the discerning beer drinker, it’s worth finding some gems that talk about the frothy brew. Let these pods guide you to new discoveries for your palate or nuggets of wisdom for the mind. We’ve collected four of the most intriguing beer related podcasts that we think you’ll enjoy hearing. 


The hard work of beer journalist Steven Shomler, the PBP looks at beer and cider-making in the Portland area. Shomler bird-dogs local festivals showcasing microbrewing talent, talks with owners and operators of local breweries and breaks it down with local talent. The PBP hones in on small operations and the west coast brewing style. Not to mention, they recently cracked 100 episodes! 

Worthy episode to start at: Episode 77 – Shomler talks with the organizers of the 2018 Oregon Brewers Festival. 


The Beerists may be popular enough to perhaps not even require a mention in this list. Featuring a collection of beer loving maniacs, The Beerists are crushing cans and episodes about the Texas brewing scene and well-beyond. Listen in on a staggering number of episodes (over 350) trying beers from around the world, talking brewing techniques, bringing listeners into the studio (see: kitchen) and celebrating all things craft. 

Worthy episode to dip your feet into their waters: Episode 351 – The Night Shift, where long time listener Patrick brings a few jars of the dark stuff to sip. 


A companion of sorts to the Alberta Craft guide published every three months around the province, the ACBGC podcast talks about the state of the craft in Alberta and neighbouring provinces. ACBGC takes a look at the quality and variety of brewing that’s been taking hold around Alberta. This podcast is brash, but willing to ask some interesting questions others might be leery about. 

Episode to have a taste of: Episode 28 – Interview with Christina from Railyard. A talk about the explosive growth of brewing around the province and the value of taprooms. 


If NPR turned around tomorrow and created a beer related section of their broadcasts, these guys would sue them for copyright infringement. Do you like deep dive journalism? Extensive thought and research into topics? These guys make beer their lifeblood and dig down to the bedrock. Succinct and well-crafted episodes talking with interesting sources about serious beer related topics with over 200 episodes. 

Absolute barn-burner episode: Codename SL-010 “Did Untappd Really Throw Beer’s Version of the Fyre Festival?” — talking with people on the ground at Untappd’s attempt to throw a beer related festival in early May of this year. 

Beer Podcasts: Dive in Ears-First

Put your ears on and have a listen and if you’ve got a favourite podcast that you love let us know. We’re always on the lookout for great talks and even greater tastes. 

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