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September 2018 Subscription Beers

We love sending you great beer, and September is a huge month! We can’t wait to hear what you love about the delicious offerings this month! (Our personal favourite is the Big Ass Money Stout! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that ultra-rare treasure coming soon!)

Introducing a handy digital version of your tasting cards! Peek at what’s hidden in the other curated subscriptions are getting, snap up the extra bottle of the wine you love, and find new tasty additions to your collection.

  • Hanger 24 Orange Wheat
  • Sunner Hefeweizen
  • Evil Twin and Lervig Aktiebryggeri Collaboration Big Ass Money Stout 2
  • Hornbeer – The Fundamental Blackhorn
  • Orkney Brewery – Dark Island
  • High Water Brewing Sugaree Maple Pecan Pie
  • Bridge Brewing Ambleside Ambler Amber Ale
  • Annex Ale Project Norm-Core

Hanger 24 Orange Wheat

What do you do when your entire life has been devoted to aviation in Redlands, California? You turn your hangar into a brewery, of course. Owner/brewer Ben Cook started to brew here twelve years ago with fellow aviation buddies, to tell tall tails of flying high, play some music and enjoy finely tuned brews. 

But as the story often goes when really good beer is being brewed, people flocked and a bigger location was needed.

While the hangar still exists, it is the passion for all things aviation that sets them apart from the usual themes in craft breweries. If you really want to get the feel, Google map their original location and have a look at their view across the street. 
Redlands was at one point a sort of Mecca for citrus fruits and one of the highest producing regions of oranges. Paying homage to the mighty orange, Hanger 24 is arriving on time & ready for consumption this month, chilled to 6 C.

Sünner Hefeweizen

Nothing says summer more than the restoring effects of sipping a hefeweizen on a hot day. The style has a great history from its conception in Bohemia and was fashioned for easy-drinking with a hint of luxury. Meanwhile, the rest of the World had a sort of love-hate relationship with it. That is until recently when big-name companies began to market the beer with an orange wedge and cashed in on the summer craze of a great patio beer in a really nice glass.

While the Sünner Brauerei is located in the city of Cologne, Germany, a region known more for their history of the kölsch style, they have known for years that they need a good ‘hefe’ on the menu. Hefeweizens are made with a predominantly wheat based malt (weizen) which gives them a silky-smooth mouthfeel, combined with a yeast profile that is unmistakable. Enjoy soon, the season is now to drink this down, chilled to 6 C.

Evil Twin and Lervig Aktiebryggeri Collaboration Big Ass Money Stout 2

Let’s get crazy! When it comes to adjuncts (an alternative source of extract used to replace a portion of the malt) we usually think syrups and cereals that impart sugars which will be fermented into alcohol. At a time of extreme brewing and creative thinking, one brewery from Denmark (Evil Twin) and one from Norway (Lervig Aktiebryggeri) have gone in a different direction.

Into the boil, they threw a Norwegian frozen pizza (ham and pepper pizza to be exact) as a tribute to the mass consumption of frozen pizza in Norway. And instead of dry-hopping, where the brew runs through a tank of hops to impart a dramatic increase in aroma, they used… money. 200 Norwegian dollars to be exact. You are drinking money, pizza and beer right now. Quick disclaimer, the high alcohol content cooks off any unsanitary concerns, and a beer this big is packaged a little smaller. Consume at 10 C when you’re ready.

The Orkney Brewery – Dark Island

You can almost hear the intro of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song as you pop this infamous beer. Brewed in the Northern-most region of the UK on the Orkney Islands, Dark Island harks way back to when Scottish ales were devoured after long hard days of farming and fishing the Orcadian waters. Most of us think Scotch whiskey when it comes to Scotland, but us enthusiasts know whiskey is nothing more than distilled, hop-less beer.

Housed in a Victorian age schoolhouse, this brewhouse brews up small batches of the malt forward Scottish ale and is a multi-award winning favourite throughout the land. The cask version of this ale has won multiple awards, including CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Scotland. CAMRA, or Campaign for Real Ale started as an organization in the UK back in 1971 as advocates for non-mass production beer of the highest order. Queue your soundtrack and serve at 10 C.

Sugaree Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

We’re sorry to bring this up, but summer is coming to an end and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Looking on the bright side, this means that we have some fall seasonal brews back in stock and just like that, you’re quaffing down big-time flavours! We’ve sourced one of the best Thanksgiving paired beers we could find; suited for the changing season and family feasts. This ‘pecan pie’ comes from sunny Chico, California, about a two-hour drive south of Sacramento.

The staff at High Water is a ‘who’s who’ of the California beer industry, all with an impressive history and a unified vision to make ‘unique flavours for the curious palate’. What they do, they do very well, winning Gold at The Great American Beer Festival in 2009, putting them at the top of the charts for quality brewing. Serve at 7 C with Thanksgiving dinner, or enjoy now – we wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t wait.

Bridge Brewing Ambleside Ambler Amber Ale

Bridge Brewing is relatively new, they opened their doors as Vancouver’s first Nano-brewery back in 2012. Having survived high demand for locally made beer, they have relentlessly maintained their dedication to quality whilst growing into their hoppy new space. They offer really interesting brews, and on a rare occasion will re-release one of their well-received concoctions of the past. All of this is done while leaving less than 1% waste.

Bridge has offered Canada Craft Club members a unique opportunity to try their previously featured Ambleside Amber Ale and are brewing it fresh, pulling the recipe out of retirement just for us! The comeback is very welcome and we are proud to share this with you. This velvety smooth Amber boasts a complex malt bill with a mild bitter profile and tons of sweet malt. The Ambleside Amber is a perfect summer evening brew. Enjoy promptly, chilled to 6 C.

Annex Ale Project CCC Collaboration Norm-Core Pale Ale

Archaic laws that forced Alberta brewers to make a minimum of 5000 HL of beer annually, meant a serious lack of small craft breweries. In 2014 the law was finally changed and a plethora of soon-to-be brewers rushed to set up shop. While not the first of the new wave of breweries, Annex owner and former brewer at Calgary’s Village Brewery, quickly led the charge of putting Al-beer-ta on the map, and within a year was named ‘Top 50 Best New Breweries in North America’ by

The couple, Andrew Bullied and Erica O’Gorman are not playing it safe. They have zero ambition to get into lighter brews and are proud purveyors of a hop bomb of malted lineup. “We’ve always been about applying the Pacific Northwest model to beer in Calgary.” And with their signature influence, Annex brewed a batch of PNW Pale Ale specifically for YOU! Enjoy this exclusive while it’s fresh, at 8 C.

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