Rogue Ales: Kulture Clash Clear Mind

Unless you’re a hermit or an AOL user, then you know the name Rogue Ales. Calling on thirty years of knowledge, their brewmaster started when Michael Keaton was wearing a Batman costume. They’ve been a voice in the craft game for years. Just when you weren’t sure they had another groundbreaker up their sleeve, they’ve delivered. From their Brewing HQ in Newport, Oregon, they bring Kulture Clash — a blonde ale made with Kombucha. In partnership with Brew Dr. Organic Kombucha, they have a light, smooth beer with an herbal body that’ll wake you up from the slumber of everyday living.

The Clash is made using blonde ale and Brew Dr’s Clear Mind kombucha. Blonde ale is ideally suited for infusion because of its middle ground of hop and malt. Clear Mind is brewed from green tea and made with live culture. Serves well at 9°C and shouldn’t stay too long in the fridge.

Check out Rogue Ales: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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