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Pairing Your Craft Beer With Spicy Food

Every year on May 5th people around the world celebrate Mexico and their festive culture with a day of good food, great company, and lots of drinks. We might be a little bias, but we’re into celebrating with some craft beer. The craft scene in Mexico isn’t as accessible in Canada as other North American brews, but luckily we have lots of options that pair really well with the spicy food you’re going to be serving up on Cinco de Mayo.

There is some debate on what the perfect beer to combat spicy food is.

On a recent episode of Hot Ones, Scarlett Johansson downs a couple beers in hopes of combatting the spicy wings. She had a bit of relief, but the beer was by no means a cure-all for the capsaicin. So what is the best beer to pair with the spicy tacos and nachos you’ll be taking in this Cinco de Mayo? We offer up a few suggestions that will help… but we can’t say will cure the heavy heat and spice sweats.



Think Sweet, Light, and Amber

It has long been thought that sugar combats the burning effects spicy foods have and that still seems to be the best science we have on the topic. Veering off into the super sweet beer, some sugar content is going to help soothe you. Pale and Amber Ales are ideal candidates because they don’t have high levels of bitterness or carbonation that would make the spice even more intense. We’re loving Edge Amber by Edge Brewing Company and Bridge Brewing’s Ambleside Amber Ale.

No matter how you decide to take in the festivities of Cinco de Mayo, we hope you get to spend time with great company and don’t get too carried away with the peppers or hot sauce. But if you do, grab a light, sweet, amber ale and bask in the excitement.

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