Craft Beer Gift Subscriptions – Holiday 2019

The Ultimate Craft Beer Gift

Oh baby, the holiday season is creeping up on us. We can taste the buttery baked goods already. This time of year can be super hectic and overwhelming, which takes away from the magic of it all. Why be stressed when you can sit back and relax? Every year at Canada Craft Club we launch our specially priced holiday packages and 2019’s roster are now live!

Now that craft beer is becoming easier to access all across our country, services like ours are even more special because we take the hunting down great, new brews out of your hands. Discover flavours, styles, and brewing techniques lesser known with our monthly curated subscription gifts. We know the beer-master in your life will love getting our craft beer gift on their doorstep every month. Plus, hopefully they’ll share with you since all of our beers are large format bottles or double can offerings. It’s a win-win!

Every Craft Beer Gift Includes:

  • Special Holiday pricing that gets even better the more months you buy
  • Member access to our exclusive online store, where members can stock up on the bottles they love at special pricing
  • A $15 gift card to use in the online store — basically a bonus bottle every month
  • Exclusive and hard-to-find brews. We scour the country and the world for the best craft beers — many of which you can’t find anywhere else

Shop our holiday packages now and spend the rest of your pre-holiday season relaxing!

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