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Cranker’s Brewery – Fifth Voyage 
Coconut Porter

Cranker’s Brewery has worked hard, upping their game to become one of Michigan State’s most sought after breweries, and their porters are leading the charge with plenty of accolades including a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

 Using a single bettering hop–the acclaimed Warrior hop–this was brewed to allow the astringency from the roasted, darker malts to be balanced by the sweetness of coconut and chocolate, which immediately take centre stage upon cracking.

Coconut Porters continue to be a hit with brewers around the world. Ranging from bold flavours that can be overdone for the sake of ‘going big’, to those with modest flavour profiles. Head Brewer, James Crank, has found a really nice balance between the two extremes and produced a highly quaffable brew that can be enjoyed all year-long; though we recommend drinking by end of August, at 9 C.

Check out Cranker’s Brewery: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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