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Calgary’s Craft: Cold Garden Beverage Company

Posted by Meagan on January 7, 2019

Cold Garden Beverage Company

With a savage lineup of beers and hearts of gold, Cold Garden has quickly grown to be one of Calgary’s most well-known microbreweries.

These beer monks have solidified their place in the Calgary brewing landscape with fan favourites like Skittle beer for Calgary’s Pride Parade, battling for the inclusion of puppies with pints, and being voted one of the top five best new breweries in Canada for 2017. Quite the resume for such a young brewery.

The Garden has a varied selection of perennials to satisfy your palate:

  • East Calgary Lager: toasted malt and floral hop for crushable consumable quaffing
  • This Must Be The IPA: citrus and hop-forward with acid crunch
  • Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump: a warm and toasty Irish red style
  • Cakeface: a lager made with vanilla bean for the taste the reminds you of animal balloons and frosting

Whether you make your way to Cold Garden’s Inglewood Tap Room, grab a fresh growler at one of their 8 partner locations, or enjoy it at one of the 15 different Calgary locations that have them on tap – there are many brew options to suit any taste.


Cold Garden Beverage Company

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

1100 11 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4T3

Website, InstagramTwitter, Facebook

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