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Bruery Terreux – Frucht Grapefruit & Salt

If there’s anywhere on earth to stop worrying about your law degree and open a brewery, a stone’s throw from the pacific ocean with endless sunshine is the right choice. Anaheim, California is where Patrick Rue took his brewing hobby, started to avoid doing law homework, to the big leagues when he started winning awards and knocking judges off their bar stools. The Bruery has been making dozens of unique beers every year for over a decade, banking on classic Belgian tools and techniques.

Several versions of the Frucht have come from Rue and company. These are fruit infused beers built on classic recipes from brewing and cocktail making. Grapefruit & Salt is a wheat beer, low on alcohol and bitterness with a tart body and dry finish. Refreshing and ideal for sipping on a patio with tasty munchables. Serves well at 7°C and should be enjoyed relatively soon.

Check out Bruery Terreux: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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