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Bridge – Turf War IPA

When you’ve claimed your piece of the terra, you’ve got to get creative on holding it down. Bridge Brewing has been crafting beer with an eye on environmental sustainability and responsibility since 2012 – now they’ve made their declaration with the Turf War IPA. They’re here to stay and make the land better as they do. Through strict waste management and creative recycling of materials, Jason and Leigh Stratton have built an award winning craft brewery lauded by the people of North Vancouver and abroad. Making a wide slate of year-round, seasonal and classic brews, Bridge Brewing is winning the war.

A Canadian take on the American IPA, the Turf War uses a vast array of malt and hop material to build a light bodied, pale and hoppy IPA with a stronger kick in the ABV than your average beer. Serves well at a crisp 5°C and can stretch out a little longer life span on the shelf.

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