Brewery Check-in: Collective Arts Brewing

Creativity has been called the “great connector” and creative people are those who find the bridge between all things. In the craft beer world there is no one more dedicated to this idea than Collective Arts Brewing. Part brewery and part funky art house, Collective fosters the creation of unique beers and connects it to unique artists. Featuring one of a kind pieces on their beers and in their tap room, Collective has brought big and little names alike from the art scene in Ontario and across the country into their space, to reinvent what a brewery and studio can be. 

Collective Arts Brewing: Fusing Craft Beer With Art

Located on the waterfront of Lake Ontario, on the north side of Hamilton, Collective Arts has been crafting beers and collaborating with artist for the last four years. Their tap room pulls 10 different beers and you can rip home with cans or growlers of their nectar. Fan favourites like their Ransack the Universe IPA and the award winning Stranger than Fiction are a must when you visit. 

Regular events featuring local musicians and pop-up art showings happen every week. Sweet merch is on the premises and there are enough food options around the joint to feed even the zestiest gastro-monger. 

Collective Arts Brewing



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