Brewery Check-in: Bicycle Craft Brewery

Bicycle Craft Brewery — Ottawa ON

In the heart of every cyclist, regardless of skill level, is an old pedal demon with eyes of flint that stares up a long climb and says “enough of this Sunday school riding… let’s go find some hurt.” It’s the call for a higher experience. Now this demon has come to beer, looking for a brighter, clearer note. In the heart of Ottawa you can find such beer, clear and true.

Bicycle Craft Brewery began as a small operation, but with the demon on its back has climbed the long, grinding hill to a well-known spot on the mountain. They craft a handful of select pale ales and one brown ale with a jackhammer kick. Served in many find restaurants and pubs around the city and in their very own tap room on the regular. BCB drops their creations in tall boys and tall bottles, meaning they’re on the radar for the Craft Club.

But if you’re hankering to pedal your wheels toward good taste, after you’ve satisfied the call of the hungry cycle-demon coursing through your veins, head to their location a long stone’s throw from parliament hill and take down a cold one.

Bicycle Craft Brewery

850 Industrial Ave, Unit 12 Ottawa, Ontario

Website | Instagram

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