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Breakside – Quiescence

To sit and meditate in tranquil stasis fosters depth of character – so it is with the soul and so it is with this sour. Quiescence is a unique project within a unique project. A wood-aged sour beer from Breakside Brewing in Oregon, students of singular creations. Breakside has time and time again demonstrated a unique vision for craft beer, producing award winning selections since 2014, including a silver medal victory for their IPA in the 2018 North American Beer Awards.

The sour is always a wild-card beer. It has a short history compared to many others and depending on the brewer can either make your day or spoil your palette. Quiescence is a gentle contender compared to many others, with a sweet flavour hiding in the back of the taste, snappy character and a more enjoyable sip each time. Serves well at 8°C and can handle a long stay in your cellar up to a year.

Check out Breakside Brewery: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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