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Borg Brugghús – Aycayia IPA

Joined by their legacy of ocean winds and expansive waters, Cigar City Brewing and Borg Brugghús of Iceland have joined forces to bring the seductive lady of the waters to our landlocked mountains. Aycayia – a legendary mermaid who enthralled men and destroyed their will – is the namesake of a refreshing IPA brewed in the north and distributed from the south seas. For nearly a decade Borg has been producing beer after beer with unique character and flavour. The Aycayia relies on its tropical heritage for the fruit flavour and higher than average alcohol.

IPAs typically have fruit notes in them, but the Aycayia takes it a step further. The bitterness from the hop and zest is leavened nicely by an almost sweet tropical fruit flavour, like the flesh of freshly cut pineapple and mangoes. Bright and bubbly, this IPA refreshes like the Caribbean breeze. Serves well at 6°C and should be enjoyed within a few months.

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