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Arbor – Faricy’s Dry Stout

For nearly 25 years the Greffs produced craft beer in Ann Arbor, utilizing cultivated materials and techniques that have stayed the same over those decades. Now handed over to Farm + Ferment, Arbor Brewing continues an award winning tradition of bedrock brews and tasty experimentation. New ownership allows Arbor Brewing to grow its own hops and a companion vineyard means available wine barrels for the best aged beers. Their brewpub and eatery is an institution in central Ann Arbor.

Irish Dry Stout is black beer noted for a dry finish resulting from roasted barley. This style tends toward a medium level of bitterness, more so than most stouts, and a creamy body which leavens the roasted flavour, making the taste cut off quicker than more traditional versions. With a low alcohol volume and rich taste, this is an excellent stout to enjoy a few pints worth. Serves well at 10°C and can stand nearly a full calendar in the cellar.

Check out Arbor Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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