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Anchorage – Easy Evil Saison

Drawing from the literature of a favoured band, Anchorage Brewing has taken the warm call of the evil and bottled it for all to taste. The Easy Evil, based on the song by Mos Generator, is born of a collaboration between brewer Gabe Fletcher and singer/songwriter Tony Reed. Fletcher’s history as a brewer has been one of craft beers that reflect not only a taste in beer, but music and culture.

The Saison is usually playfully carbonated, low in alcohol and fruity. Anchorage picked one of those and rolled on the throttle. Easy Evil has the fruit going for it with a lot of black raspberry in the body, but with very little carbonation and an ABV of 8% to blow your hat off. The taste is powerful and has already been retired, considered a one-off, so take your time and enjoy the ease of it. Serves well at 8°C and should only spend a few months in your collection.

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