8 Awesome Gifts for Craft Beer-Loving Dads

Does your dad love crafts? No, not that type of craft, although we’re sure he loved the paper ties you used to make him. We’re talking craft beer! If he does, read on – here are some of the best craft beer gift ideas for fathers who love their ice-cold artisanal brews.

father and son enjoying a can of beer while fishing

1. A Sturdy Cooler

Dad will have no problem keeping his favourite brews nice and cold with this cooler. The YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler can hold up to six cans plus ice, and has a closed-cell foam that offers better cooling compared to ordinary soft coolers. It’s leakproof, waterproof and overall super sturdy – it will last a lifetime. Dad will always think of you when he’s in the great outdoors.

2. An Ice-Cool Glass

Warm beer is any beer lover’s worst nightmare, your brew-loving dad included. No sweat: Host Freeze Cooling Pint Glasses work like magic. The insulated walls of these tumblers are filled with cooling gel. Just pop them in the freezer before happy hour and: voilà, instantly ice-cold brews. The silicone band keeps your fingertips from becoming ice cold.

 3. Beer Review Logbook

Awaken Dad’s inner beer geek! We’re pretty sure he’s in there. This portable beer journal has ample space to rate and review all brews he tastes, with a beer-evaluating primer and chart of beer styles for reference. He can jot down the date and place of tasting, beer name and style, and plenty more. Now, describe the mouthfeel of that porter, Dad?

4. Home Brewer Starter Kit

For experimental dads trying to figure out how it’s done (and earn some cool dad cred), we suggest this home brewer starting kit. For hesitant family members: it doesn’t involve Dad hijacking the bathtub, and it’s surprisingly easy if you follow the foolproof instructions. The all-in-one kit yields five gallons of beer – perfect for the next block party!

craft beer gifts – 5 differently shaped beer glasses

 5. Beer Flight Set

Even though your dad hangs on to his favourite pilsner glass or stein, he might put those aside when you pour him a beer flight. This beer tasting set includes four differently-shaped glasses, all designed to present the best tasting experience for a specific type of beer. It comes with a wooden serving paddle and a beer tasting guide (just not with the brews, but we’ve got those).

6. Beer & Food Pairing Towel

This tea towel is perfect for food-loving dads who enjoy a draught with dinner rather than a glass of vino. Designed by London-based artist Stuart Gardiner, it features 61 food entries and 40 beer styles, for a grand total of 2,440 combinations! The towel gives suggestions for perfect pairings, decent pairings, pairings to avoid and a few surprises to boot, and looks pretty cool in the kitchen, too.

 7. Hopped-Up Coffee

What if Dad could enjoy a great brew in the morning, too? One that even includes barley and hops? For Hopped Up Coffee, roaster and spice master Sean Godbey decided to blend his favourite beer ingredients with ground coffee for a beer lover’s cup of joe! Dad will love his hot cup of Chocolate Stout or Black IPA in the morning.

man reading a brochure and holding a can of craft beer

8. A Craft Beer Gift Subscription

As awesome as these beer gadgets are, nothing beats a real brewski. Our All Canadian Pack includes six different craft beers sourced from breweries all over Canada. The pack gets delivered to Dad’s doorstep each month. And the best part: the more months you get him, the more you save.


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